Binding Arbitration

On behalf of the physicians and staff of Women's Care Florida, I would like to thank you for considering one of our physicians or other caregivers to provide your health care. As you are no doubt aware, the rapidly increasing cost of professional liability insurance has contributed significantly to the rising cost of health care and has forced many physicians to either raise their fees, limit their practice, or leave the state of Florida to practice in other states that have more affordable professional liability insurance, threatening Florida citizens access to medical care.  Many obstetrician-gynecologists who continue to practice in Florida are currently unable to afford professional liability insurance and practice without such coverage.

In order for us to offer the liability coverage our patients deserve, Women's Care Florida, in partnership with our professional liability insurance carrier, MagMutual, now has a binding arbitration program to settle all professional liability claims. Through this arbitration program our patients, as well as our physicians, will benefit from a more prompt and efficient method of claims settlement in the unlikely event that such a claim is necessary.
To learn more about binding arbitration, click on the links located at the bottom of the page and view the binding arbitration video.
The physicians and other caregivers of Women's Care Florida look forward to a long term professional relationship and the opportunity to create a partnership with our patients by providing compassionate and innovative services.
Donald F. Wilson, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
For informational purposes:  Binding Arbitration Agreement

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