Birthing Plan

We suggest the following birthing plan. Please discuss additional items with your doctor.

First Stage of Labor:

Create a peaceful, calm atmosphere with dim lights, music, photos, etc. of your choosing.
Move around as is comfortable and safe.
IV Fluids are used to prevent dehydration and provides access for emergency medications
Ice chips, popsicles by mouth.
Bring Chap Stick or Lip Balm to use.
External/Internal as deemed necessary by the physician.
 Pain Relief:
Options will be reviewed with you by nursing and anesthesia staff.
Amniotic membrane rupture (breaking your water)
Pitocin IV to help your contractions is used if needed; your physician will determine what is best for your labor.

Second Stage of Labor-Pushing:

Options depend on how your labor is progressing, if you are medicated, and the health of your baby.

Episiotomy:  Not routine. Performed only if needed.
Advise your physician if you do Not want an episiotomy. Tearing can be associated with extensive repair and painful sex in the future.

After Delivery:

Umbilical Cord:  Cutting is performed by the physician.
Your partner or spouse may be allowed at physician’s discretion.
No Photos or videos are allowed of the actual delivery per hospital policies.

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