What to Expect

We know that you’ve tried other weight loss programs and diets. Other programs offer short term solutions where you lose weight, but have a much harder time keeping it off.

This is why we have developed a program that educates you about food and how it effects your body so that you not only lose the weight safely and efficiently, but you have the tools to keep it off!

You can expect professional medical care where our qualified staff treat you as a person and work with you individually to help you overcome the roadblocks that keep you from becoming the person you want to be.


Decrease Emotional Eating 


 Reduce Cravings

Decrease Emotional Eating 

 Reduce Cravings

Our staff will help you push these problems aside and focus on the goals that YOU want to obtain.

•  Look the Way You Want on the Inside and Outside...
•  Feel Healthier & Younger...
•  Become a Positive Example for Your Friends & Family...

The safe and effective FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants block your hunger, the food guidelines re-train your body to crave healthy foods, and the exercise recommendations combined with the nutritional supplements boost your energy.

As a participant in our program you will be monitored weekly so that you can feel confident that each and every week our physician and medically trained staff will review your progress and help you continue your success until you reach your healthy weight.

Once your healthy weight has been reached you will begin the process of learning about how you can turn your weight loss success into a life long commitment to you and your health.

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