What Gets "Accredited" in "Accreditation"?

The word has a nice ring to it -"accreditation." But what does it actually mean? And what does a health care facility need to do to achieve accreditation, especially by an organization like the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)?

Why Should Accreditation Matter to You?
If your doctor's practice or your hospital's ultrasound, radiology, or ob-gyn department has achieved AIUM accreditation, it means that a significant milestone in patient care has been reached.

AIUM accreditation, a voluntary peer-review process, involves a stem-to-stern, top-to-bottom check-up on all aspects of an ultrasound practice. These aspects include doctor qualifications, physical facilities, the ultrasound machines, the detailed instructions (protocols) for performing each ultrasound test, and the policies in place for safeguarding the health and safety of every patient who has an ultrasound examination, plus much more.

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