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Our Work in the Community

The issues we engage in are deeply rooted in the community, dynamic, and complex - just like the women we aim to support.  Moreover, these issues will not be solved through our efforts alone, or  the efforts of any one organization operating in a silo.

Therefore, in order to effectively tackle the complex issues affecting women today, we must partner with multiple grantees and other funding sources, join together in taking risks, purposefully explore innovative solutions, and harness the power of collaboration.

The WCFF strives to engage with our grantees and partners in a true spirit of trust, candid communication and transparency - not competition.  Our collective efforts drastically increase the possibility of affecting real change.

Grant Cycle »

We continually gather and share data on the collective progress of ourself and our Grantees, reflect on lessons learned, and make course corrections as needed. Essential to this process is ongoing dialogue with our grantees and partners—and providing opportunities for those grantees and partners to reflect, share and grow with each other.

 At this stage of our foundation’s growth, we review our strategy annually, and make adjustments to our implementation plan for achieving our goals.

Contact us at kbrock@womenscarefl.com to learn more about applying for a grant from the WCFF.

Women's Affinity Group »

Because access to financial resources are only a small aspect of success for nonprofits, and because nonprofit organizations waste more money than any other sector, our foundation found it necessary to support nonprofits serving women with more than just dollars.  Organizations who qualify - serving women’s health and well-being in Central and West Central Florida - can become members of our affinity group.

In addition to providing financial support for affinity group members, we also provide professional volunteer services, organizational and program assessments, training and development programs, and opportunities for peer-learning and collaboration.  Each of these services are free of charge and essential to increasing nonprofit capacity and impact.

Nonprofit organizations located in our service area who do not serve our targeted population, and therefore are not qualified for our affinity group, are invited to utilize our programs and services for a small fee.  Contact our organization for more information at kbrock@womenscarefl.com.

Regranting Program

Are you a donor, foundation, government agency or other funding source interested in making the biggest impact possible for women in our service area?  Consider our Regranting Program!  
Through a grant to WCFF, you can be confident that your financial resources are making the biggest impact possible for women in the Central Florida area.  Grants to WCFF can provide you with targeted grant recommendations, specific grant oversight, training and capacity building of organizations you currently support, and more.  By granting through the WCFF you can be confident that your dollars are not being wasted due to capacity and/or program challenges.

Contact our executive director today to discuss the increased impact your donations can make for women in our local communities!  kbrock@womenscarefl.com

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