Cesarean Birth

Cesarean birth, also known as c-section, is a surgical procedure that allows the baby to be born through the mother's abdomen.

There are several reasons why a cesarean birth may be necessary:

  • Failure of labor to progress. Labor slows or has stopped, causing the mother's cervix not to open enough.
  • Baby shows signs of distress, such as an abnormal heart rate during labor.
  • Problems with the placenta.
  • Multiple pregnancy, carrying more than one baby (twins, triplets, etc.).
  • Breech presentation, baby is positioned feet & bottom first.
  • Previous cesarean birth.
  • The baby is larger than mother's birth canal.
  • Other medical conditions.

C-section is considered major surgery and carries risks such as more bleeding, chance of infection, and longer healing time making it difficult for a new mom to care for her baby.

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