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Healthchoice and the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies Maternal Education and Breastfeeding Education Center offer an exceptional benefit to all Healthchoice members who are currently pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

Baby Phases, part of the Healthy U initiative, provides expectant team members and their dependents with the education and support needed as they prepare for the arrival of their baby.

The Baby Phases program also offers financial incentives for joining and completing the required program. Requirements include attending the following childbirth education classes:

  • “Preparing for a Healthy Baby” is scheduled for our preconception members and those in their first trimester of pregnancy. Topics of discussion include pregnancy as wellness, protecting your unborn child, and coping with the physical discomforts of early pregnancy.
  • “The Baby Inside You” is scheduled during the second trimester. Topics of discussion include relaxation techniques, preterm labor recognition, sexuality during pregnancy, planning for birth, nutrition and exercise, and infant care issues.
  • Finally, in the third trimester, participants will take “Preparation for Labor & Birth.” This class provides the mother and coach with information about labor and delivery, birthing options, pain relief, Cesarean birth and recovery.

Baby Phases Program Financial Benefits

Team member incentives are based on enrollment date and completion of the program.  Enrollment can begin as early as one year prior to becoming pregnant, up until the 28th week of pregnancy. The earlier the enrollment, the greater the financial benefit.

When You Enroll And Complete . . . You Will Receive
Up to 12 months before pregnancy
  • “Preparing for a Healthy Baby”
  • “The Baby Inside You”
  • Preparation for Labor & Birth”
  • Health Interviews Each Trimester
$225 *
Pregnancy up to the 12th week
  • “Preparing for a Healthy Baby” 
  • “The Baby Inside You” 
  • “Preparation for Labor & Birth” 
  • Health Interviews Each Trimester
$175 *
Pregnancy: 13th to 28th week
  • “The Baby Inside You” 
  • “Preparation for Labor & Birth” 
  • Health Interviews Each Trimester
$50 *
* subject to tax added

Additional Baby Phases benefits, not required for completion, include:

  • Free childbirth education refresher classes for second- and third-time Baby Phases participants.
  • Lactation consultant support
  • Back to Work consultation
For more information call Healthchoice at 407.481.7160 or 800.635.4345, or visit their website to learn more about the Baby Phases Program »
* Enrollment is subject to member eligibility and benefits.

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